The Adventures of the Tiger Shadow

The Adventures of the Tiger Shadow


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  • 1 / Oh No, Overflow!
    Verse 1

    Me and Tycho together no brainer like jellyfish
    Now that's some ish you won't find in my dish
    Come on genie, just grant us this wish
    And do it in reverse, bosh bash bish

    Switch it up to keep it fresh
    We refuse to be pigeonholed, yes
    Tight rhythms and rhymes we possess
    I'm feeling myself no less, I confess

    Strong lyrics like they bench press
    Nuff critics reviews they are impressed
    Don't bother with the fancy dress
    It's gonna take a bit more time I guess

    For you to know that we one of the best
    No covers, we don't take requests
    Stay humble but this truth I express
    Playing this game is far too much stress

    Send it to my yahoo
    This one is for only you, Yazoo
    New Tiger Shadow CD's buy two
    Try something different, Typhoo

    Make it with bare hands, pottery
    Prog Rock plus Ghanaian sorcery
    Half and half split dichotomy
    It's like reverse reverse psychology

    This is my church
    No curses, avoid the dirt
    The younguns I don't wanna pervert
    I'll have a slice of tight beats for dessert

    Pop shield firmly in place
    All we need is a beat and a phat bass
    Keep laying down these tracks, fast pace
    Stripe 1, 2, 3, 4, slap in the face


    Oh No, Overflow! X8

    Verse 2

    One man's rare is another man's yuck! Raw!
    Over here we prefer the raw uncut pure
    Hardcore, Tiger Shadow we back y'all
    We don't forever wanna remain obscure

    Black is the new black
    Always ensure that you are on track
    By any means avoid the slack wack
    Trapped-up cack tictac muzak

    Relax and take minutes
    If the beat misbehaves, discipline it
    Rough it, nail it, kill it, no limit, innit
    Get with the bulletin, we in it to win it

    Reggae, funk, electronica, jazz mixed with pleasure
    Feta salad thrown in for good measure
    The pirate with the parrot said to the boy, here's a
    Here is a map for that other kinda treasure

    They hit rock bottom and then started digging
    Some kinda inner feeling, stop the healing
    In case of emergency break the glass ceiling
    One bird, two stones, we went a-killing

    It would be nice if we made some shillings
    Or pounds, make it easier for the billing
    The bills, telephone bills, automobiles
    Primarily for the fun, the joy, the thrill

    Steps towards the goal post is so slow
    But we keep on keeping on giving them a live show
    Some people get it and love it and we thank you so
    Much, we want more people to hear our heart and soul

  • 2 / Baxter's Revenge (Trap Digger)
    Verse 1

    Not trying to do what's hot right now
    Cos one day that won't be hot cry foul
    But that's the way the biz is right now
    No freestyle now, I write these rhymes down

    Way beyond flu sick, flow sick, Ebola
    Knickerbocker bola, old school like tom bola
    Get some nuts, quit yo jibber jabber
    Juju magic, Adabraka, abracadabra

    Rock this funky joint
    Not that kinda joint, you rub some oint-
    meant, where the pain is makes Komla lament
    You get the point, my style is different

    These rhymes they help me document
    Ramblings, musings, thoughts and sentiments
    Original style hotter than filaments
    This talent heaven sent with which I represent


    Come on
    A ha
    E hee... Yep!

    Verse 2

    Komla MC
    I'm qualified like Quincy ME
    Got a nice flow to make them see
    Make all the people go OMG

    Stroking the cat like a bond villain
    This ting go be, Insha Allah, lord willing
    This pie could do with a fruit filling
    Six shillings if you will, oh my darling

    With some real Ghanaian dance and romance double do
    Deny it and the baby ends up looking like you
    Prince of peace brandishing a sword
    Message direct from the Holy Book oh Lord!

    This one it be top draw
    Make your jaw drop right down to the floor
    Right there yeah! Gimme some hardcore
    Ooh baby I like it raw

  • 3 / Don't Try This At Home
    Verse 1

    Let me tell you what I do
    I weave these rhymes tight like bamboo
    Before I push it, pineapple, Agadoo
    My home country below Ouagadougou

    Let me tell you where I am
    It's been a while since I experienced Harmattan
    Flimflam, dip your Tim Tam in chilli jam
    There's more palindromes than madam

    Let me tell you who we be
    Never gonna sell our soul for salary
    Tiger Shadow and the great Komla MC
    You've gotta practice some humility


    Don't try this at home
    Don't try this at home
    This is not about dealing or distributing or glorifying dope!

    Different kinda ting, you best know
    If you're gonna do that at least flow
    Do it artistically homes
    Put some thought into it bro

    Don't try this at home
    Don't try this at home
    This is not about dealing or distributing or glorifying coke!

    Different kinda ting, you best know
    If you're gonna do that at least flow
    Do it artistically homes
    Put some thought into it bro

    Verse 2

    Now why would I hang around the block
    When my contemporaries are buying stocks
    And shares, and grinding around the clock
    Keep climbing Jack and the Beanstalk

    Don't judge a book by its cover
    You can judge a man by his shoes bruvver
    They were laughing at you not with ya
    They knew all along it was rubbish ya?

    Come correct no half stepping
    Or roll back down the hill, half clutching
    It's not a bloody competition
    Every man has his personal mission

  • 4 / Prepare Thyself

    On your marks, get set go, Usain Bolt
    There they go, rolled up notes up they nose
    Forget the consequence that's the life he chose
    He's gonna take what he wants, that's all he knows

    Another life is lost, that's all she wrote
    That's what I heard on that new ish yo
    Shame cos it's over a hot beat though
    Man that thug is sweeter than Rubicon Mango

    We've hit a moral and a musical cul-de-sac
    Do a u-ey, turn around, turn right back
    The kids can see that crime does pay
    Preach if you will, but people keep making money that way

    They'll do anything for a couple of pounds
    This town is coming like a ghost town
    Capone copies and Corleone clones
    Those are real, not splurge guns, Bugsy Malone

    Fresh stanzas and bars
    Forget the cars superstar, let's talk about your scars
    Heavy and dark on the synth no qualms
    Underground, sub dub, personal urban Psalms

    It goes well with a shot of Appleton white
    After that everything will be alright
    Image is everything, forget Sprite
    And resist the urge to follow that trend, aaaight

    Make your strong lyrics, tight
    Where I go when I'm losing my mind, like
    Immerse myself in this musical marmite
    Some people love it, other flippers think it's shite

    Tonight Matthew, I'm gonna be myself
    Who else, man I can't be anyone else
    Raise your glasses, a toast to good health
    All one is hoping for is just enough wealth

    Raise your glasses, a toast to good health
    All one is hoping for is just enough wealth (ad lib...)

  • 5 / Tried & Tested
    Verse 1

    This is how we get down
    Our band offer you more buck for your pound
    Our brand, bonfire, hot tiger sounds
    Spellbound with the surrounds in the campground

    We're not effing around
    First and foremost I came to move the crowd
    Move you physically and spiritually, wow
    Like newfound love is so profound

    This is deep fried in palm oil
    This is 30-plus rap, this is hard boiled
    Nod your head, resistance is futile
    Get inside your head like a heat seeking missile


    Shake to the rhythm and
    Break to the rhythm and
    Rock to the rhythm and
    Roll to the rhythm and

    Move to the rhythm and
    Groove to the rhythm and
    Blaze to the rhythm
    I'm a slave to the rhythm and

    Ride to the rhythm and
    Vibe to the rhythm and
    Drop to the rhythm and
    Pop to the rhythm and

    Move to the rhythm and
    Groove to the rhythm and
    Blaze to the rhythm
    I'm a slave to the rhythm oh

    Verse 2

    Blessed with the gift of the gab
    Hit you round the head with a lyrical jab
    Got that Ghanaian vocab
    I think I'm gonna have to catch a cab

    Say it ain't so
    It's the same old same old same old
    That's getting all the serious play yo
    Shhh, I hear a knock at the door

    The chicken and the egg turn up at the same time
    It's a must that we bust, grand design
    Architect, take your time to build the rhymes
    And remember to always keep an open mind

    Verse 3

    All they wanna do is dance
    That edutainment stuff don't stand a chance
    Move your behind wind and grind
    Leave your worries and your conscience behind

    Break up that fight
    And you could get stabbed by a stray knife
    I, Grew up on that sci-fi
    90's chrome cassette blasting in the hi-fi

    Get new stuff, Ikea
    Good riddance, good idea
    There's a new one every month now
    I know nothing about no miaow miaow

  • 6 / Red All Over

    It's of no use
    Don't wanna sound like a grumpy old dude
    A tad mad at the start, but that's old news
    Do what you wanna do man, you've got the right to choose

    Any kinda music is a great healing tool
    So go on popsters, doing what you do
    Peace to that crew and this crew, you know what we do
    Purists and old school fools

    We ain't no hip hopping hipsters
    Hopping from one trendy trend to the other
    I'm from the land of Dogs of War
    With the strength of the god of thunder, Thor

    Maybe one day we will play New York
    He probably eats too much pork
    You may find him listening to Bjork
    Is it a fork or a spoon, spork

    Live and let live, live and let die
    Alright guys, try before you buy
    Wrong switch, it's mutants like The Fly
    A little white lie is still a lie

    I smell a rat, how do you feel?
    Him and the pigs made some sort of deal
    I saw him hanging around the pigmobile
    Feel him, he's got a wire concealed

    You mean he's a snitch? For real?
    I dare you to open his shirt to reveal
    He's guilty ignore the bull spiel
    I always knew he was gonna squeal

  • 7 / Monsoon Too Soon

    Man, do it properly
    I'm doing this right here it's no fantasy
    I control this microphone with authority
    I have the right to speak my mind, my liberty

    I'm from the land where the police manhandle vandals
    And most people on the streets wear sandals
    Chale wote, people kill political rivals
    And child rebel soldiers fight for survival

    Where you won't see people walking their dogs
    Picture that in Accra, man that would just be odd
    They sing to themselves who needs the iPod
    And they believe 100 percent in their God

    That old community life don't slate it
    Western life leaves one feeling isolated
    One man's torture is another's intelligence
    A bit of police brutality just makes sense

    Komla MC man,
    Tiger brother number one, second to none, we've only just began
    No alarms and no surprises
    They came second place in the war, guess what the prize is

    Even if you win the rat race you still a rat
    Many different ways to skin a cat, believe that
    I want a Winnebago with bits that expand
    So we can drive all the way to the motherland


    Ewe dialect spoken word...

  • 8 / Serene Trampoline (Petrichor)

    Okay, I came all the way from over there
    To see if we could make a better life over here
    But I miss the good times back home, her
    True ting I dey talk, kwe

    Ahhh...the good old days
    Memories, reminisce, left me in a daze
    Chale, it seems like just yesterday
    Picadilly biscuits, Papa Bronya, Kingsway

    Time dey pass, look your hourglass
    Like traffic from Kwashiman to Lapaz
    Take the change buy some Hacks
    Small axe, small tax, if you no know ask

    Agege bag or portmanteau
    My brother you dey drink beero or pito
    I dey walk around with cold nose
    I dey wear tough boots still my toes froze

    I reach down, they say chale you dey rosh
    Since when you start slang, oh my gosh
    You want to start to act like say you be posh
    All that kinda nyaa, it be nothing, it be tosh

    Osu, Matador, Circle, Abrantee Spot
    Bus Stop, Paloma, Labone waakye hot
    The bigshot call shot gun and what not
    Then man feel say he be some hotshot

    I no dey like the taste of konkonte
    Bring some yam, some akple or some kenkey
    With tilapia, fried fish and some abolo
    The style it be my own, it no be laboro

    You go see everyting fili fili
    Make am hot, kpakpo shitto, chilli, piri piri
    Good shot it no be ofu, it be ree
    Brotherman be half-co make you no call am ofree

    Long time since I drink Milo
    With Nido, play Ludo, draw Fido Dido
    Night time for Labadi Beach
    This it be gin or akpeteshie?

  • 9 / What Were They Thinking
    Verse 1

    Freedom of speech, express what's within
    There really would be no point in living
    If music couldn't express what you're feeling
    Where do I start where do I begin?

    The audience can't keep eating the same old food
    Too much of any one thing is not good
    Food for thought, man, I don't wanna party-poop
    But if I say nothing then I will be a damn fool

    We ain't gonna contribute
    Towards the over-sexualisation of our youth
    People need party music to escape the bad news
    So go on and shake what your mama gave you, that's cool

    Grab somebody and dance, why wouldn't you?
    We all like a bit of a groove and a dance too
    Forgive me if I ain't keen on the new dance step
    When there's a lot of dog mess I need to sidestep
    No defense for the nonsense, no offense


    What were they thinking?
    The musicians kept playing and singing

    What were they thinking?
    The people just kept dancing and drinking

    What were they thinking?
    All the while the ship was sinking

    What were they thinking?
    All the while the ship was sinking

    Verse 2

    I'm sorry if it seems like I don't wanna party
    I can't just pretend everything is okay
    What do you mean not right now? No time like now
    How now brown cow, it's all gone low brow

    We are what we pretend to be
    The effects on society with all that imagery
    Strange mentality, keep it real. Reality's
    About as real as a pair of silicone mammaries

    We don't have money to misspend
    This league of extraordinary gentlemen
    We don't follow trends, not our style my friend
    Or that will be the end, Amen

    Verbal pugilist, keep going on like a crazed evangelist
    Coexist with the escapist materialist non-lyricist
    Always the pacifist, never the chauvinist
    Occasional satirist, break bread Euchariist
    Holy water, exorcist!

  • 10 / Proof Of Concept
    Verse 1

    Yo, it's the bees knees
    Keep em keen and ting with these treats
    Keep the buzz alive, bzzz, bumble bees
    Why you asking man I haven't got no keys

    To your beamer, better ask zim zimma
    Tycho brings the quaver, I bring the quiver
    Full of sharp poisoned arrows I deliver
    Nothing like chopped liver, let the hog simmer

    No way Jose, no blaze my way
    It's nice not to always have Calamity Jane
    Always in your brain and your membrane
    Never mind, never mind, it's not a damn shame

    Protect the innocent we mention no names
    Characters are different but the story stays same
    Crying shame, crime wave, it's so lame
    No way you're gonna get these beasts tamed

    It's the bloody attack of the clones
    They do all that to keep up with the Joneses
    Hammers and shanks, sticks and stones-es
    Just make sure you don't break my bones-es

    Once in a while it's poo
    And it's time to sing the blues
    I'm living proof that you can spit the truth
    In the booth, without being uncouth

    Verse 2

    My style is not orthodox
    Incredible African paradox
    Half light, half dark, equinox
    Too hot, too cold, just right Goldilocks

    I still listen to them Yankee Doodle cowboys
    Corrupting each and everyone with their loud toys
    I think it's just a victimless crime
    So don't be so harsh criticising next time

    You don't know what it's like until you test mine
    For some people it's the Red Red Wine
    It's not the way it's supposed to be this time
    We still keep pushing up with these sweet rhymes

    Get involved problem solved
    With shots of Smirnoff, stir nuff
    Set it off, lies camera action
    So called tough dudes lacking in passion

    Their raps are not up to par
    Baby par, far out, bad for you star
    Like deep fried mars bars
    Extraterrestrial no fake superstar

    Hip Hop Punk Rocker
    Solitary brother, no retreat no surrender
    I can't believe it's not butter
    Who, what, which, when, where? Why bother?

  • 11 / Standard Response
    Verse 1

    You too can be on you-tube
    Talking about screws, you are too rude
    Screw loose, foot loose and too lewd
    Truth, dude you are too crude

    Oooooh, we never get booed
    Tea properly brewed, we always get crews
    Respect due, keep feeding you good food
    Are you talking to yourself or is it the Bluetooth?

    Wake up and smell the cappuccino
    We can't all be like Al Pacino
    He was just acting in the film amigo
    So why you trying to be like him? Oh no!

    Break a few young ladies hearts
    Then put it all in your slack bars
    Monkey see monkey do play your part
    That is why we are poles apart

    Ease off or you'll sound like a hater
    So what? Hip Hop liberator
    Incinerator for the wackness perpetrator
    See you later alligator

    It's all a pile of crock
    Chock a block mediocrity such a shock
    We keep this right here on lock
    We don't rock with that poppycock

    Verse 2

    Roll up the tank it's time to pull rank
    On all these boys that are faking the funk
    Don't put too much of that junk in your trunk
    Relax to Thelonius Monk

    They let the feral kids run amok
    They act different when they're in Bangkok
    I dreamt we were playing at Woodstock
    They keep acting like they're straight up cocks

    Lock Stock and two smoking barrels
    Not really feeling that trendy apparel
    Credit brunch with champagne
    It is what it is, no pain no gain

    It's a whole new generation
    It's all about immediate gratification
    Information saturation, wisdom starvation
    Utopian conclusion? No...

    Au contraire mon frere
    Life so hectic, anger and hatred
    Various drugs smoked and injected
    Don't need prison to be incarcerated

    He spent all the money, bailiff
    Your religion is boring? Faith lift
    If your other one was boring you stiff
    He would rather believe in shapeshift-ers

  • 12 / Helter Swelter
    Verse 1

    Jim Tycho
    Jim Tycho
    Jim Tycho

    Jim Tycho starts this with military precision
    Then I come in and make the first incision
    With the lyrical wizardry Ghanaian diction
    We're all brethren, what's the reason for the friction

    You have no idea what we had to do
    Just to get this music out to you
    Big up to all the previous jam crews
    No hard feelings former Tiger Shadow you know who

    Very few, big shout out to ZUL
    'Cos without you,
    There would be no Komla MC and Tycho
    Take it back to square one, the dynamic duo

    Verse 2

    Always have the magic in the studio
    Some of you may have heard us on the radio
    Mix a little bit of everything, biryani
    It felt overdressed in the Armani

    It's cool though, I'm old school Karl Kani
    Can I bus, can I kick it, eh, can he
    Rare like hen's teeth, bombastic
    Keep it moving and grooving, no plastic

    With the cash back remember the flashback
    I catch some flak for that Ghanaian chat
    I can't drop the accent, ah! That's how my people talk
    I talk the talk and I sure do walk the walk


    Helter Swelter...

  • 13 / Locomotion
    Verse 1

    All is not well in the belly of the beast
    Of the Devil's Pie many want a piece
    On one hand we've got the morbidly obese
    On the other hand starving kids are deceased

    In the Middle East they're fighting for peace
    And the biggest gang on our streets is the police
    Respect for the clergy is obsolete
    I wonder if there's a heaven for dodgy priests

    That can was clearly labelled worms
    A bit too late now to do an about turn
    Oh well, burn! You live and you learn
    Come follow me on this incredible journ-ey

    Don't be scared, it's not real, ketchup haemorrhage
    It's all fake, like they can't perform with no beverage
    Sooner or later this music has to be leverage
    Sweet musical heritage, way above average


    Come on baby, do the locomotion
    Pelvic motions and love potions
    Rub it down with some calamine lotion
    To soothe the itch of the daily commotion

    Verse 2

    What's going on fool?
    It's like working a decent 9 to 5 is not cool
    Do the right thing, object of ridicule
    But it's cool to walk around with tools

    All kinda arms, shanks, martial law rules
    Mess around and you will end up a ghoul
    Same ish from Blackpool to Liverpool
    And all of Blighty, that's what happens in this cesspool

    Over there, legal system is kangaroo
    Crime and punishment, Osu to Timbuktu
    Police and soldier will beat you black and blue
    Prison with hard labour, no thank you

    Now break things down to molecules
    One must be so desperate to be a drug mule
    Life so hard, commonsense is over-ruled
    I understand man, do what you do, cool?

  • 14 / Hippo Electric
    Verse 1

    I insist on urban limericks
    In a style of a true school lyricist
    Get a grip, 5,6 pick up sticks
    No weapons that's the vibe he picked

    The others eat their carrot cakes on 9 carat plates
    Always in your face with their big chains, no hate
    And they give their fans a doodoo verse
    It's like somebody did a juju curse

    Verse 2

    Whatever happened to the protest song
    Change is gonna come man it's not long
    Fact or fiction? Didn't really wanna know about your sex situation
    Clearly a case of too much information

    Yes, yes, y'all, it's like that y'all
    The people are suffering whilst they having a ball
    Keep your head up and stand up tall
    The harder they come, the harder they fall

  • 15 / Don't Be Scared
    Verse 1

    Got a spot by the bar
    Three cheers hip hop hurrah
    Those guys were a bit rah rah
    Before they came, they got some vodka from the Spar

    Let the Holy Spirit take you
    Jesus, Mobutu Sese Sekou
    They were walking around town screaming F you
    Among them was a man and his nephew

    They don't even respect the boys in blue
    You not one of the crew, who the hell are you
    To try and tell the man them what to do
    Better off spilling a drink on his shoe

    We've all got to let it out, do you
    Do you feel what you do when you doo doo?
    Dude, if you do then go on cool
    If you don't then shame, boo you

    It's that marching powder
    That's what gives them all that power
    No regrets, no replacing lost hours
    Celebration short-lived, sweet and sour

    We present these serenades
    For all you distinguished sirs and dames
    Shut up you lame, this ain't no game
    It's secondary, the fortune and the fame


    Don't be scared of them boys, right
    Full of bark but they just have no bite

    Verse 2

    If we got them thinking then the job is done
    Not trying to stop you from having fun
    But think about the long term, the long run
    Grow up and try to be a man, son

    Some freedom of speech is so-so
    Just to hurt someone else oh so bro?
    Oho! Mamma Mia, let me go
    My baby don't care for show, you know

    Jeevus beavers
    It's all nothing but jeepers creepers
    Most of us faced with extreme pressures
    Will resort to primitive measures

    If you were stopped by a hoodie in a dark alleyway
    He shows you a knife what would you say?
    Young fella, I could snap your neck with one hand
    But that thing you hold could do me more harm

  • 16 / Bright & Gloomy

    Bright and gloomy (repeat)

    Verse 1

    88 keys, skin, strings
    A pen and a pad we create this thing
    Is the mic on? Right on, right on
    Arm channel, press record, red light on

    Sweet dreams live from Leeds
    Man, you won't find us in the streets
    Nevertheless we bring the heat
    Family friendly treats to move your feet

    Wash your mouth out nice and neat
    Cook it well enough for them to eat
    Sprinkle some herbs on it
    I wonder if we will achieve this feat


    Bright and gloomy

    They say we are...
    Make sure you keep it...
    This one is...

    Verse 2

    Dream or a nightmare, trick or treat?
    So if I'm going on a little bit
    Chill, better take a seat
    Surrender and accept defeat

    The rhyme the speech
    But mostly it's about the groove capiche
    Looks like pizza but it's quiche
    Hodge-podge, prog-rock, pastiche

    Band of gentlemen
    Bring you no trouble so don't you trouble them
    This should happen sometime this millennium
    Turn the creativity up to maximum


    Bright and gloomy

    They say we are...
    Make sure you keep it...
    This one is...

  • 17 / Abject Happiness

    We've had it up to here
    You don't know the blood, sweat and tears
    Bring it if you want to we ain't scared
    Oh yeah

    We've had it up to here
    You don't know the blood, sweat and tears
    Bring it if you want to we don't care
    Oh yeah

    Verse 1

    Let's think outside the box
    Let's not talk about selling bad rocks
    Or get some botox for your buttocks
    Might as well get locksmith to change all the locks

    Never ever giving you Sandra Bullocks
    We bring you these short sharp shocks
    Everybody's time is different take yours
    When will I will I be famous

    Some do it with no shame like a cowboy builder
    Scam a granny no second thoughts whatsoever
    Whosoever believeth in Him liveth forever
    Will not perish something something whatever

    It's not big and it's not clever
    We keep praying for better weather
    Do it just the way you want to brother
    Unless you never had a plan, some follower

    You lemon, you lemming, you follow the leader
    Over the cliff, that's where it ends yeah
    We have the masterplan laid out here
    Don't be distracted by what's going on out there

    Deep voiced tortoise is well out of his shell
    He's got some protection against any evil spell
    It's all here on earth, both heaven and hell
    And we've got many different stories to tell

    Verse 2

    We done well so far What more should we do? Answers on a postcard
    With that attitude, you might just go far
    If it's too hot he will melt, coal tar

    Or asphalt, whose fault, no one but yours
    You can always keep blaming your boss
    Or get out the frying pan and cut your loss
    Into the fire no one gives a toss

    You can't take the heat just leave the kitchen
    He wanted new friends so he started snitching
    Who cares, nowadays loyalty means nothing
    I thought all that meant something

    These stars are out of reach
    There's no point continuously trying to preach
    To the choir, the converted, or to teach
    Students who don't want it, life is a beach


    We've had it up to here
    You don't know the blood, sweat and tears
    Bring it if you want to we ain't scared
    Oh yeah

    We've had it up to here
    You don't know the blood, sweat and tears
    Bring it if you want to we don't care
    Oh yeah

  • 18 / Imagine My Surprise
    Verse 1

    That's really no way to talk to your mama
    Another manchild with no manners
    Spare a thought for no one do what you wanna
    Meanwhile social provides the manna

    Keep spitting thick ones like a lamma
    It's all good in this nation of pet lovers
    Don't trust him too much, he's undercover
    He does a kiss and tell from what I gather

    To continue this tirade I'm willing and able
    Bring all the beef you want, I bring veg, Abel
    Bring a bit more substance to the table
    More than the obvious crap on cable

    Acquired taste like eggy bread
    You can put this on before watershed
    At least make sure that the kids are well fed
    And well read, so in future they don't see red


    Catch a blast of Leeds finest
    Tiger Shadow, get behind us
    It's Komla MC, your highness
    And if you're feeling this better rewind this

    Verse 2

    We own this style
    I can do whatever I like with this rhyme
    Mind who you smoke with like
    Cos you don't know what they put in that pipe

    If you don't like it go read a book
    You don't realise exactly what it took
    To get to this point by hook or crook
    I will leave all the competition shook

    To my fellow combatants
    Putting up with these audio pollutants
    Who keep making all the youth gallivant
    Ants in your pants, nothing to do, rant!

    Only a true nerd
    Or geek would understand how much work
    Goes into this right here, word
    You might as well stay off the herb

    And the spices, chale cook it raw
    We bring you more hardcore
    We don't give you no popcorn chicken
    Or fast food, it's all freshly cooked in the kitchen

    Blame it on the airwaves
    Encouraging us all to misbehave
    Far from saying you shouldn't rave
    But the message is depraved, deeper messages we crave

    What doesn't kill you will make you stronger
    Unless you end up paralysed, join the conga
    It's not right, it's all wrong tell the others
    Some people choose to stay under the covers

    No hypocrite I practice what I'm preaching
    Photoshop, seeing is no longer believing
    Don't waste any more time arguing
    It's about time you guys were leaving


The Adventures Of The Tiger Shadow was recorded in January to April 2011 at Cottage Road Studios in Leeds and was released on the 24th September 2012.

Produced by Jim Tycho & Matt Peel
Mixed by Matt Peel
Mastered by Mark B. Christensen
assisted by Chris Albers at Engine Room Audio, New York

Synths, Guitars, Bass, Whistling & Backing Vox - Jim Tycho
Vocals, Percussion & Initial Drum Programming - Komla MC

Cello courtesy of Lindsay Wilson
Violin courtesy of Jessica Watson
Additional Drum Programming by Matt Peel
Bass Guitar on 'Tried & Tested' & 'Proof Of Concept' courtesy of Matt Peel
Keys on 'Bright & Gloomy' courtesy of Andy Hawkins
Drum Programming on 'What Were They Thinking?' Courtesy of Genjutsushi
Additional Percussion on 'Helter Swelter' & 'Imagine My Surprise' courtesy of Sheikh Sticks
Additional Backing Vox courtesy of Andy Hawkins, Matt Peel, Genjutsushi & Adam Mapletoft

All Lyrics written by Komla MC
All Music written by Jim Tycho

Album cover concept by Jim Tycho
Album cover design by Breed Media

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